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Evolved 3D Radio Planning & Automated Solutions

Radio Planning & Business Service provider aimed at Mobile Operators and Regulators markets with integrated end-to-end solution and powered by MATCELL for all your Radio Planning and Optimization requirements; with high level of automation for workflows, predictions, propagation model calibration and reporting.

We offer innovative technical solutions, fully integrated and customized services, tools and expertise. Our Radio Planning activities are based on Atoll, the best in class and most advanced commercial tools used with highest market penetration.

  • ICT is an official Partner and Service Provider for Atoll/Forsk, the world’s most used and most used Radio Planning Tool.  More details here.
  • Atoll is used for all our Radio Network Planning, Design & Optimisation
  • Atoll usability is further enhanced with our proprietary MATCELL engine, specially developed to work with Atoll
  • Services offered but not limited to: Planning & design for 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile and fixed networks, coverage & capacity assessment and enhancement, geographic analysis, traffic network simulations, existing and new macro/small cell/indoor site selection and cell planning, interference and performance KPI management, automatic physical network optimization, coverage and capacity network densification, spectrum & technology evaluation, deployment scenarios, drive tests and propagation model calibration, all using state of the art accurate 3D Ray Tracing propagation models, 3D maps using 1mx1m resolution clutter and our big data engines
  • Our indoor modelling is distinctive and can be based on classifying building by building penetration losses using high-level holistic approach

Indoor Coverage

Indoor signal levels from macro or femto cells at any location, floor or height, contact us for more information.

Get the most out of CEM

Enrich your network intelligence and predictions with your customer's user experience.

We are 5G ready

assive MIMO, Beamforming, mmWave modelling and much more.

3D Network Planning

Clutter available in Raster or 3D building vector files readily available and customised for your planning tool or contact us for our outsourcing services. Worldwide coverage.

Small Cells

No challenges here, from Access to Backhaul and HetNeTs, we have it all covered.

We are Big on Big Data

Our platforms are ready, no matter how big and complex your data is

Automatic Cell Planning

Your network Performance, Physical Optimsation & Coverage Predictions with our Efficient Cellular Planning Capabilities & Expertise.