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Company Introduction

Imperial Consulting and Technology (ICT) is a UK based Radio Planning Managed Service provider with evolved and custom development solutions aimed at Mobile Operators and Regulators markets. With the evolution of cellular technologies and with the deployment of LTE-Advanced and now 5G, mobile communications are having remarkable impact on society, and in building ecosystems to support new business and development opportunities. Data, video and social media networks are in continuous exponential growth and market competitiveness is on the rise, all of which is placing pressure on mobile operators to provide its consumer and enterprise customers with the best services and experiences on their networks.  

The key to developing reliable and the best possible customer experiences is through accurate network planning using state of the art RF tools with precise high resolution outdoor and propagation models. More crucially is basing the development of Radio Planning, Design, and Optimization on Crowdsource data using a unified, automated workflow.

Our Mission

Empowering our customers with cutting edge bespoke solutions and services in Radio Planning Feeds, Crowdsource, GIS and 3D using our radio planning expertise, our complete end to end automated and big data solutions, allowing operators to improving their networks effectively and efficiently and to focus on things that matter the most for their network and customers.  

Products and Services

We offer a unique combination of services for all your Radio Planning needs, including advanced expertise in Radio Planning using the best of both commercial and internal tools, our in-house sophisticated GIS and Geo-Spatial engines, our Big Data platforms along with our automation and scripting capabilities all through our proprietary, multipurpose built MATCELL Engine. Our combined solutions are more competitive and advanced than existing providers. Our solutions will provide your teams with a wealth of services at much reduced costs and all under one umbrella. In turn this not only provides a significant driver for profits through reduced overheads and operational expenses but also promotes the expansion of business opportunities and customer loyalty. 

Typically, our solution consists of the following components: (1) nPerf crowdsource app, (2) nPerf SDK framework, (3) nPerf Customer Care solution, (4) Atoll Radio Planning tool, (5) 3D digital maps, (6) Siradel Smart City tools and (7) MATCEL services. ICT solution is comprehensive, flexible and fully customizable, and has proven to be unique in the market.