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Management Software

Siterra: Complete Telecom Project Management Software

Siterra project management software is the industry standard for infrastructure lifecycle management. Used extensively by tower companies, network operators, and service providers of all sizes, Accruent Siterra helps you manage project workflows, contractor interactions, and asset tracking across the entire site lifecycle while improving SLA compliance, customer satisfaction, and turnaround times.

  • Oversee Thousands of Concurrent Projects
  • Gain Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase Project Forecasting Accuracy
  • Decrease Time to Revenue
  • Improve Accountability

More than 2.1 billion global projects are managed with Siterra.

Oversee all project tasks and deliverables in a single system. Siterra’s telecom project management solution compresses project schedules and budgets by streamlining your processes.

Every unnecessary truck roll costs you. Reduce them — and their associated operating costs — with the visibility Siterra project management software gives you the exact skills and tools required to complete a task or project.

Accurate time estimates and project durations are critical to effective project management. With Siterra software, you can configure multiple complex schedules to ensure accurate forecasting.

Lengthy projects mean longer times to revenue. Telecom customers who use the Siterra project management software solution reduced project completion times by 40% over the first few years.

With Siterra software, you always know who is responsible for what. Track each stakeholder’s role in critical paths and ensure all team members and vendors follow proper workflows.


Meridian Is The Solution For Engineering Document Management

How do you provide secure access to documents for external parties that don’t have a login account for your network? With a single portal in the cloud, offering secure, cloud-based collaboration with your extended project teams.

  • Drawings are often submitted on CD or via FTP requiring manual import into the internal Engineering Content Control system, costing the asset owner time and money.
  • Often no control is placed on the quality of the submitter packages, leading to incomplete meta-data for the submitted files.
  • Received drawings that have not been validated consume additional time during the book-in process before potentially being rejected for re submission.



Lucernex – Real Estate Management Software

  • Shape. Drive. Control
  • Lucernex for the Full Real Estate Lifecycle
  • Maximise speed to market
  • Increase financial projection accuracy
  • Effectively manage real estate and equipment leases
  • Monitor the transaction lifecycle
  • Streamline on-site task execution

Accruent Lucernex software is a comprehensive real estate management solution for the full real estate lifecycle. Lucernex technologies empower your market planning, site selection, project management, lease accounting and facilities management strategies. What is Lucernex? From identifying a site to overseeing construction to managing complex leases and transactions, Lucernex has you covered. Real-time, comprehensive data can help your organisation make informed site selection decisions, increase revenue weeks and build faster. With Lx software, you capture and combine key market insight data and can review comprehensive dashboards with email notifications.  Monitor threats to your schedule or budget and use this information to control costs, modify KPIs and make sure you stay on track. The system grants smooth access to authorised individuals while keeping sensitive project data out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have it. Lucernex integrates with a variety of systems to help you maintain compliance and generate insights. These systems include ERPs, accounting tools, CRMs, BI tools, financial management systems, human capital management systems and CMMS or CAFM solutions. Gain full insight into your real estate portfolio. Lx Transaction Management is a single, integrated real estate transaction management solution that gives you visibility from start to finish. Understand key activities at each stage so you can efficiently manage transactions. Improve connectivity among teams with an intuitive mobile app. Lx Projects Mobile enables you to upload and view images and documents, access assigned projects easily, view and edit key dates, schedules and tasks, and streamline access approval requests.