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MATCELL is a purpose-built RAN analytics engine based on multiple programming languages and multiple geo-spatial libraries all combined to provide an extremely rapid and scalable functionalities specially developed to be capable of dealing with all your Radio Planning needs, GIS, Big Data and Telecom Analytics in a very innovative and efficient manner with an unmatchable performance. MATCELL powers all the components of ICTs solution and drives the setup integration and automation of workflows. In fact, MATCELL is developed uniquely for automation, efficiency, intelligence, customization and programmability and benefits of extreme big data analytics. MATCELL enables operators to minimize human time and effort with manual tasks and tools, reduce processing times and errors, and to streamline workflows.

  • MATCELL is best in market, all in-one, with incomparable performance and efficiency for dealing with RAN, Crowdsource, Drive Tests, Predictions, Clutter/GIS & Network OSS data
  • Developed specifically for the wireless operators & regulators & for big data (>YTB); no real limit to data size or queries
  • Data processing in near-real time
  • Rapid, efficient & highly customizable
  • Highly automated multi-purpose algorithms

nPref Technologies

nPerf is an independent crowdsource technical framework with innovative and complete solutions for network connectivity for mobile handsets, desktops, web browsers, probes, routers and whiteboxes with dedicated, unique, and crowdsource based Customer Care solutions. nPerf crowdsource KPIs consists of network, performance and RF data, all customized and processed feeds using our MATCELL engine for the Radio Planning and Radio Optimization teams. This enables you to (1) quickly identify coverage, capacity or performance issues as observed by customers and accordingly make informative decisions on planning, deployment and optimization (2) monitor pre- and post-network changes (3) Competitive network performance benchmarking between operators.

nPref Products

  • Passive, active, remote & real-time crowdsource data
  • nPerf public app for any connection (Phones, Desktop, Whiteboxes, Web) and custom build apps
  • Testing includes Speed, Coverage, Video, and Web browsing
  • nPerf integrated SDK solutions
  • nPerf crowdsource and Fleet remote testing
  • Realtime nPerf Customer Care advanced solution for all connections